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What is SAP BASIS ?

SAP Basis is the technological platform that supports the entire range of SAP applications, now typically implemented in the framework of the SAP Web Application Server. In that sense SAP Basis can be seen as the virtual machine on which SAP applications run. Like any operating system, SAP Basis contains both low-level services (for example memory management, database communication or servicing Web requests) and high-level tools for end users and administrators. These tools can be executables ("SAP kernel") running directly on the underlying operating system, transactions developed in ABAP, or Web-based interfaces. SAP Basis also provides a layer of abstraction between the business applications and the operating system and database. This ensures that applications do not depend directly upon a specific server or database platform and can easily be ported from one platform to another.

SAP BASIS Training Course Curriculum:

Introduction to SAP R/3 Basis:

• What is Basis?
• Introduction to SAP R/3 Client / Server Technology and SAP R/3 Architecture
• Roles and Responsibilities of Basis Consultants
• Database Service. Application Services, Presentation Services
• Introduction to OS Concepts
• Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts : The CPU
• Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts : Storage
• Available SAP R/3 Platforms – Windows NT
• SAP R/3 Networking issues

Architecture of SAP R/3 Application Server

• SAP R/3 Application Server Architecture
• Dialogue Server
• Update Server
• SAP R/3 Work Process – Overview
• Managing SAP R/3 Work Processes

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Client

• Introduction to Client
• Creating Client
• Client Copy ( Local, Remote, Export and Import )
• Dropping a Client

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – User Managements

• Creating User
• Authorizations
• Profiles and Activity Groups
• Locking and Unlocking a User
• Introduction to profile Generator
• Profile Management ( Single and Composite )
• Limiting Logon Attempts
• Setting Password Controls
• Maintaining User defaults & Options

SAP R/3 Administrator Tasks – Background Jobs

• Jobs Definition
• Start Date
• Job Steps
• Job Monitoring
• Deleting a Job


• Default profile
• Startup profile
• Instance profile
• Data Archiving
• Spooling
• Front end computer spooling
• Access method

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – CCMS

• OS Monitoring
• DB Monitoring
• Alerts

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Memory Management and Miscellaneous

• Introduction to SAP R/3 Virtual Memory
• SAP R/3 Buffers
• SAP R/3 Memory Management System
• Remote Function Call ( RFC )
• Dump Analysis
• Sys Log

Types of R/3 Systems and System Landscape

• Development (DEV). Testing (QTST). Production ( PROD )
• Single System Landscape
• Two System Landscape
• There System Landscape

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Change and Transport System

• Customizing
• ABAP/4 Workbench
• Change Request
• Recording Changes
• Transportation

Transport Management System ( TMS )

• TMS Domain
• TMS Domain Controller
• Transport Groups
• Transport Layer
• Transport Route
• Transport Directory
• Virtual Systems
• SAP R/3 Repository

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Patch Administration

• Overview of Support Packages
• Introduction to Applying SAP Patches
• Introduction to Applying Kernel Patches

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – SAP-DBA

• Oracle Server Architecture Overview
• Oracle Server Startup/Shutdown
• Table space Administration
• SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle Database
• SAP R/3 Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database
• Startup and Shutdown of database

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Database Analysis

• Size
• Free Space
• Growth History
• Statistics

SAP R/3 Installation

• Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003 / XP – Preparation
• Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003 / XP– Installation
• Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003 / XP – Post Installation
• Language Transport
• Installing Database Server and Application Server
• Installing Presentation Server ( SAP GUI ) & Accessing SAP R/3 from PC
• Starting and Stopping R/3 System

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Installing an application server

• Installing an application server
• Changing Parameters

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