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What Is CORDOVA???

Apache Cordova (formerly Phone Gap) is an open-source mobile development framework that allows us to use standard web technologies - HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development.

It extends the features of HTML and JavaScript to work with the device and enables wrapping up of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code depending upon the platform of the device.

The resulting applications are hybrid, meaning that they are neither truly native mobile application nor purely Web-based.

Features :-

Command Line Interface (Cordova CLI):- Cordova CLI is a tool for starting the projects, building processes for different platforms, installing plugins that makes the development process easier.

Cordova Components:-Components of Cordova will be used for creating base of the app and offers set of core components that every mobile application needs.

Cordova Plugins:-Cordova offers API that will be used for implementing native mobile functions to our JavaScript app.

Advantages :-

• Cordova is beneficial if we want to extend an application across more than one platform, without having to re-implement it with each platform's language and tool set.
• If want to deploy a web app that's packaged for distribution in various app store portals, Cordova is best option.
• If we want to combine native application components with a WebView (special browser window) that can access device-level APIs, or if you want to develop a plugin interface between native and WebView components.