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NetWeaver Gateway is a set of ABAP add-ons to your existing ERP system used to setup a connection between business suite and target clients, platforms and framework that provides easy access to your business information in a simple way, resulting in less data Consumption.

NetWeaver Gateway provides an API that is designed to function in just such a manner and it does so using the OData protocol.

The main target audience for the consumption of Gateway services is non-SAP developers—The use of the OData protocol ensures that developers will be able to create cool apps that interface directly to an SAP system, without needing to have any prior understanding of the internal workings of that SAP system.

Key Benefits :-

• REST-enables your SAP system, thereby lowering the data consumption barrier to the point that no specialist knowledge of an SAP system is required before SAP business data and functionality can be consumed.
• Hides the technical complexities of your SAP system landscape behind a single interface that is easy-to-use and non-proprietary.
• Provides plug-ins for well known IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio 2010 and XCode.