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What Is GRC???

GRC(Governance, Risk and Compliance) helps organization to manage their regulations and compliance to help a company efficiently put policies and controls in place to address all its compliance obligations while at the same time gathering information that helps proactively run the business and perform the following activities –

Modules in GRC:-

GRC Risk Management:- Provides global visibility of risks, key risk indicators and entrepreneurial risk through dashboards and intelligence investigations.

GRC Process Control:- Provides a central repository of control, self-assessment, automated process management workflow and configurable controls testing and real-time exception reporting on.

GRC Access Control:- Online training govern sensitive access and segregation of essential functions and SAP Access Control supports processes and audit records that track who has access, who officially agree access, when access was granted, and if the access assignments are still required., and providing consistent access.

GRC Global Trade :- Services demonstrate the import and export compliance , customs electronic and sanctioned party list screening in the context of global trade repository.

Key Benefits:-

● Low complexity and managing risk efficiently.
● Improve risk management activities.
● Managing fraud in business processed and audit management effectively.
● Organizations perform better and companies can protect their values.