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What Is HANA???

H(igh – Performance) AN (alytic) A(ppliance) is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and becoming an affordable platform in terms of license and hardware.

Officially HANA version was released in 2010 .Functionalities and tools, such as self-service tools (e.g. Lumira) and Fiori Apps are becoming HANA based resulting into the evolution of products one by one being ‘HANA optimized’.

HANA combines an ACID-compliant database with application services, high-speed analytics, and flexible data acquisition tools in a single, in-memory platform. 

HANA is revolutionary platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications transforming database management, analytic intelligence, app development, data management.

XS Data Services (XSDS):-

XSDS is a major extension to the programming model in the form of a reusable XSJS Library called XSDS or XS Data Services.

The XSDS API provides a high-level abstraction of the database API and gives access to HANA artifacts such as CDS entities or stored procedures.

• XS Data Services: A Native CDS Client and Query Builder for XS JavaScript

XS Data Services (XSDS) are a JavaScript library for the XS engine to consume SAP HANA artifacts that have been defined using Core Data Services (CDS), the central data modeling concept of HANA.

Core Data Services (CDS) are a cross-platform solution to define semantically rich data models for SAP HANA applications

The XS Data Services (XSDS) client library for the XS Engine allows JavaScript applications to consume these CDS artifacts as native JavaScript objects.  Instead of writing low-level SQL queries involving database tables and columns, application developers can use XSDS to reason meaningfully about high-level business entities and their relations.

• XS Data Services: Working With CDS Entities

XSDS provides two different modes to interact with the database: 

Managed mode:-Managed mode works with entity instances, i.e., singleton objects with “personality” which correspond one-to-one to database records
Unmanaged mode:-Unmanaged mode works with plain values that are simple nested JSON-like structures.

• XS Data Services: Building CDS Queries

Unmanaged mode of XSDS, a JavaScript API for incrementally building queries against CDS entities, and execute them.

In XSDS unmanaged mode we work with plain structured values retrieved from HANA by arbitrary queries.  Unlike in managed mode, these general queries support all of the advanced HANA functionality for retrieving data.

S/4 Hana:-

S/4 HANA S(Simple) 4 (4th Generation) is the latest and powerful software and biggest update to ERP strategy and platform in over two decades which has already convinced half of the worlds corporate customers to run most of their critical business applications with strong business sense.

Applications like ERP and the Business Suite have been able to run on the HANA database and/or any other database.

With S4 HANA , it becomes more easy to check in the real time analytics as well as pool in the granularity by easily accessing all the levels indulging the reduction of data foot print has been reduced by the factor of 10 while all the transaction systems are 3-7 times faster.

S4 HANA is designed to simplify OLTP applications especially ERP running HANA database.  Since most of the companies have complex landscape where each OLTP applications have to communicate with each other, S/4 HANA simplifies the communication by placing all the applications on top of it by being a single mode of communication.

HANA Smart Data Streaming:-

Smart data streaming is an SAP HANA service that provides the ability to build applications that process streams of incoming event data in real time, and to collect and act on incoming information.

With SAP HANA smart data streaming, you can accept data input from a variety of sources including data feeds, business applications, sensors, IT monitoring infrastructure and so on, apply business logic and analysis to the streaming data and store your results directly in SAP HANA.

Smart data streaming is ideally suited for situations where data arrives as events happen, and where there is value in collecting, understanding, and acting on this data right away. Some examples of data sources that produce streams of events in real time include:
• Sensors
• Smart devices
• Web sites (click streams)
• IT systems (logs)
• Financial markets (prices)
• Social media

Smart data streaming adds real-time streaming analytics to the SAP HANA platform, making it easy for developers to incorporate smart stream capture and active event monitoring, alerting and event-driven response to their HANA applications.