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What Is UI5???

It is a JavaScript UI library consisting of a feature-rich core i.e data binding and models for different data sources, an efficient engine for creating and updating the HTML of the controls, support for a Model-View-Controller concept, support for declarative UI construction and HTML templates, automatic loading of the appropriate language resources and many other features along these lines and a really large number of UI controls which are organized in a handful of libraries.

UI5 is a UI technology use to build enterprise-ready web apps that helps developers ease and speed up the development of full-blown HTML5 Web applications. 


● It supports RIA like client-side features based on JavaScript.
● It supports CSS3, which allows you to adapt themes to your company's branding in an effective manner.
● It is based on an extensibility concept regarding custom controls.
● It uses the open source jQuery library as a foundation
● It fully supports SAP product standards.
● It complies with OpenAjax and can be used together with standard JavaScript libraries.
● It is produced in a release independent code line to enable short shipment cycles.

UI5 is is integrated in the following products:-

● HANA Cloud Platform
● NetWeaver 7.4 or higher (included in the UI technologies (SAP_UI) component)
● User interface add-on for NetWeaver for NetWeaver Application Server 7.3x