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What Is Mobility ???

A mobile application for our business will help us reach out deep into the mobile market and take advantage of the drastically increasing number of smartphone users.

It cover the entire spectrum of platforms-Native: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BB; Hybrid: PhoneGap, Titanium (Appcelerator) and Sencha.

SAP Mobility Quickly build and deploy mobile apps that keep our workforce and customers connected and engaged – with the SAP Mobile Platform. This industry-leading mobile application development platform can help makeyour mobile strategy a reality – faster – with packaged and custom-developed apps for any device.

SAP Mobile Platform(SMP):

The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is an on-premise or cloud-based mobile application development platform that accelerates the development and delivery of secure, highly scalable Business to Enterprise and Business to Consumer mobile applications on any device.

SMP is most agile and open mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) on the market. It lets developers use their preferred tools and the latest mobile software development kits (SDKs) to rapidly build and deploy apps for most devices, wearables, and desktops.


  • Offer an enterprise-grade, mobile-first experience to your employees, partners, and customers
  • Deliver amazing consumer and business apps using a single MEAP platform – on premise or in the cloud 
  • Take advantage of a robust set of services and libraries to accelerate app design and innovation.

SAP Afaria:

It is a mobile device management software product. It helps large organizations connect mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers to the company network, and to simplify the information technology (IT) tasks associated with buying, deploying, securing and maintaining such devices.


Companies commonly use SAP Afaria to manage a large number of company-owned or employee-owned mobile devices that employees use for work.

HAT(Home agent Table):

The home agent table (HAT) maps a user VLAN IP subnet to potential home agent addresses. The mobility feature uses the HAT table to locate a potential home agent for each mobile client, and then uses this information to perform home agent discovery.

To configure a mobility domain, you must assign a home agent address to at least one controllerwith direct access to the user VLAN IP subnet. (Some network topologies may require multiple home agents.)