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What is SAP UI5 ?

SAPUI5 (SAP user interface for HTML 5) is a collection of libraries that developers can use to build desktop and mobile applications that run in a browser. With SAP's SAPUI5 JavaScript toolkit, developers can build SAP web applications using HTML5 web development standards.

SAP UI5 Course Curriculum:
• SAP UI5 Overview
o Overview
o Control Libs
o Architecture
o Exercise – Application
o Programming Applications
o UI5 Bootstrap
o Core Controls
o Exercise
o SAP UI5 Developer Studio
o Overview about IDE
o Creating sample project
o Exercise – Sample project
o Resource Handling
o Localization & Modularization
o Exercise – localization
o MVC Architecture of SAPUI5
o Views and Controllers
o Exercise
o Data Binding
o Model
o Binding Model with UI element
o Types of Bindings
o Odata
o Styling and Themes
o Adjusting Styles
o Themes
o Exercise Extending UI5
o Notepad controls
o Exercise Charting
o Types of charting
o Exercise Optimizing UI5 Applications
o Caching SAPUI5 Mobile Application development
o Split Application control
o MVC patternCore controls
o Charting Controls

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